Here is something that one might want to add to their curriculum.
By using one of the Web 2.0 award sites. I would have students create a family tree on a character from a novel or other piece of literature that is being utilized. I would do this by using . This could be a single project or a class project, but just think of the possibilities.
(Tina H. August 1, 2009)

Here are some interesting links that apply to our RAW class:
(Suzanne M. June, 2008)

Disruptive Web 2.0:


Getting started with smart boards: The following is a collection of links for understanding and using smart boards in school at a variety of levels. Deborah M. June 2008


"She writes about web and user experience design, technology, and next generation web" like Web 2.0. At her site, she makes posts about new tools that you can use, ie., Kwik Surveys, if you want to create free and easy surveys. I found this listed on her site - a TO DO LIST at Check it out. You have to list the items in order of what you want done first. Emily Chang's tags her blogs so they are categorized. Under Education and then Kids, I came across something useful for parents, Emily says Zefty is "a money expense tracker that allows you to track and manage your child's allowance & spending online. Your kids can easily learn about money management while parents gain quality time with their kids." AND IT'S FREE!! Mandy Y. 2008

Interesting NY Times Article about Reading and the Internet:
--Suzanne M, July 2008

Alan Levine (a Web 2.0 pioneer)- Cog Dog Blog on Moo Cards: This will introduce Levine's blog and another cool trick from flickr... moo business cards. And another post from Levine on using a wiki to run a program like pushups... Robin T. August 2008

Digital Storytelling: Here are the indirect weblinks I found searching "Digital Storytelling" on Technorati. With my new Delicious Firefox plug-in, I instantly bookmarked all of these in my Delicious account with tags! I'm starting a Digital Storytelling after-school club tomorrow, and found these links incredibly helpful for planning and organizing! Lorrie H. April 2009

A high school library blog that makes full use of web 2.0 tools: The Unquiet Library
Janet M May 09

A long article but full of ideas about the impact of web 2.0 on learning
Minds on Fire: open Education, the LongTail and Learning 2.0
Janet M May 09
Creating a personal learning network to keep you moving on the web 2.0 journey as a school librarian
Personal Learning Networks
Janet M May 09

Study Guides and Strategies
Designed for college but many useful articles and pathfinders on time management, study guides etc for high school students.

Library Success is a wonderful wiki full of library "stuff" that will help a newcomer to most any library, and thousands of links lead elsewhere, so yes, a time buster for sure!! Laurie M. August 8, 09