Online Learning Curriculum Ideas
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Understanding lifelong learning: Have students visit (or show to the class as a whole), and listen to the presentation about becoming a lifelong learner. After the viewing hold a discussion as to why it is important to view themselves as lifelong learners. Follow up assignment would be to have students write a learning goal for themselves. Deborah M. June 2008

The very first tool every student should learn regarding online learning is to
Log Out every time before they leave the computer. Teach them and reinforce the importance of this step regularly. Check computers when they leave and make notes of students who need reminders. Obviously log those students out. Closing the Browser doesn't automatically log out the user in every application. Demonstrate that fact to the students and reinforce and reinforce. It will serve them well on in to adulthood. Sonja H. July 2008

Free resources on Noodletools
This is a useful interactive page that helps students focus on what strategies would be most efficient or what search engines will help them find good information. Any process that helps students slow down and think before they get on the highway and speed toward the passing lane (a.k.a. just Google it) is worthwhile. Janet M June 09
Visual Thesaurus VocabGrabber

I find this site helpful when working with students who need to design search strategies . Have students cut and paste passages from textbooks Or general reference works about their topic to locate possible keywords For a more efficient search strategy.Janet M June 09

Start with Good Questions

This site is created and maintained by Jameison MacKenzie. I refer to it Frequently to design lessons that teach students to create more creativequestions for research projects. Janet M June 09

Check out This would be a terrific stepping stone for teachers new to tech integration. I look at it as an extension of webquests. Students get to examine the notion of democracy during the ancient greece and execute research to help them make decisions. Students can interact with others through blogs or discussion boards as they justify their actions. Very fun! Leslie M. July 2008