Photos and Image Generators
BigHugeLabs or I like using this program like Robin08 suggested. I would have students select a magazine or a publication to put their own picture on the cover with a short biography of why this image reflects some part of their personality. It would be a good way to get to know the class and for example someone who loves to Golf could use Golf Magazine, similarly one who loves photography could use that option. Students would have lots of ways to be creative from a simple project to a more challenging presentation. TanyaO June 2010

Yet Even More VoiceThread: Create a VoiceThread of sections of your school library so that students can increase their understanding about how and why libraries are divided into sections. Discuss how call numbers are determined, etc. Linda M. August 2009

Flickr images: This could go in any category! A blog post by Dean Shareski modeling a thought process on creating quotes with images and a link to flickr streams of some examples of the great quotes and images.

Voice Thread. Take pictures of your library: both the facility and events that take place there. Create Voice Threads and upload them to your library web page. Visitors to your site will be able to "tour" your library through the Voice Threads and learn about your program. Staci C. July 2008

I really like the idea Staci C. suggested above, in July 2008. I would like to have my fifth grade students actually create the voice thread introduction to the library for younger students. I have a core group of library helpers who would love to do that! Mary A. November, 2009

I think VoiceThread would be perfect for reading clubs! Everyone could comment on each book that they read and hear what others had to say! It could also be used in classrooms for responses to just about anything, those questions at the end of the chapter, summaries of research conducted on the same or different topics. Heather F. July 2008

Using Voice Thread to create book reviews would be a creative way for students be talk about the books they are reading. Have Battle of the Books team members use Voice Thread to create a book review or "book voice" and post them on the library web page. Barb K. April 2009

I think a VoiceThread of students sharing their favorite character of a read aloud and overall thoughts of the read alound to be posted on a school Wiki could be fun. Judy C. July 2008

More VoiceThread: I want to create a VoiceThread for my library webpage that will introduce me, my family, my pets, and my hobbies and interests to students and parents who visit our site. Robert M. July 2008

Scrapblog: Use Scrapblog for students to complete a project which contains digital pictures and information. Students can use scrapblog to create a digital image program with text, video and other additions. This would work for a project that could be done in PowerPoint. Jill G July 2008

Scrapblog is fun for students to create projects with digital pictures and information, however, the site has not created a way for users to have their creations professionally printed BUT you are able to print from your own computer or through one of Flikrs services. Mandy Y. July 2008

I feel that internet safety is an issue that needs to be discussed more with children. My 5th grade students were always talking about "myspace." This is a dangerous site I think for children. They could give out personal information to someone who is a different person then they think they are. I do stress safety to my students about this but they are using the website at home so parents need to be aware also.
Plagiarism is another issue you hear more about. The internet has wonderful resources for students to refer to for information. I have seen a lot of sites that can check your work for plagiarism for students use and also for instructors use. Kristen A July 2008

Myspace isn't suppose to be used by children who are under 14 years of age. Myspace Safety informs parents, educators, and teens. Mandy Y. July 2008


Use flicker for student projects that need photos. Place the photos for them to choose from for their PowerPoint or their photo essay or whatever the assignment may be. A good way to know the photos they are using are appropriate for the project. Jill G. July 2008

Last year I spent time creating READ posters for our entire staff - everyone enjoyed them a great deal. The magazine covers could be a new twist that reveals even more about the staff member and in a fun way. The halls would have an interesting look. Leslie M. July 2008

Flicker could be used to teach copyright and introduce to the creative commons licenses. This could lead into discussion of plagiarism and bibliographies. Heather F. July 2008 can be used for students to create "personality posters" about themselves. I have noticed that this is often an assignment at the beginning of the year to introduce students to each other. It is also an assignment in health classes. Carol H. July 2008

Trading cards: can be used to create a "banned books" card set. The book covers can be the visual with the text detailing why the books merited formal objections. This would be a great assignment for English students to make and be posted on a bulletin board in the library. Carol H. July 08

Why not use one of the Mash up sites and create fun "Ads" about books and set them up as the screen savers for your online/OPAC computers in the library? Then the idle computer it becomes a billboard. Plus, no paper or ink cartridges give their lives! Sonja H. July 2008

Motivational Posters
There are many uses for these motivational posters found on several of the image generator sites, such as BigHugeLabs or Our sixth grade teachers are always trying to come up with new projects for the beginning of the year to help socialize kids. We also explore ways for students to identify themselves with character traits. I see students making posters with images of themselves illustrating a character trait, or just with that trait as the text. Comic pictures would be great too. Giving students a choice of several of these tools would be the best approach! RobinT July 08

Very basic. We use school wide writing prompts for assessments. Teachers access Flickr to download a photo that might be projected and used as a writing prompt. Leslie M. July 2008

Teachers can use the image generator sites to create humorous images that can be added to classroom documents (assignments, etc) just for fun.
Robert M. July 2008

Creating posters with the image generator to promote school wide reading would be a great incentive. Staff and students could be highlighted as they; read in their favorite book or favorite reading spot, or most unusual places to read. Lynn H. July 2010
Photo Editing
is used for photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It can also be used as a simple paint program. Some of the options it has is: photo enhancing, digital retouching, you can save your image in different formats. I think it is almost like Photoshop but easier! Mandy Y. 2008

Smilebox is an online web tool that allows you to upload your photos and create all types of media to share with family and friends. You can create scrapbooks, post cards, slideshows, eCards, and photo albums which can then be shared through blogs, emails, or websites. The site offers hundreds of designs/templates and now has capabilities to work with iPhoto and iTunes. Teachers can use the postcard program to create a welcome back message for their students/families. Students can create postcards/scrapbooks of historical events. The creative possibilities are enormous. Susan K. July 2008