Podcasts, Video and Downloadable Audio


I wonder if recording activity/lesson instructions for students who may need extra reinforcement or have trouble remembering steps to complete an activity would work. Dawn December 2009

Students could create a "diary" podcast from any subject they are studying in social studies - i.e. "Life on the Oregon Trail", "Life in Ancient Egypt", etc. They would have to have a good understanding of the subject in order to create a quality product and because they would enjoy the activity I think they would be willing to invest the time and effort. Linda M. August 2009

Public Service Announcements can be worked into a number of content areas from social studies, health, environment or just reading for fun. I like podcasting because it is easy and doesn't take a lot of band width. Here are some sites with tips and guidelines on creating PSAs: Community Tool Box, examples from American Heart Association, wikipedia on PSAs (yes, it's ok to use wikipedia once in a while- they have good links to other sources...), Ad Council, PSA Research Center, and look for examples at the Partnership for a Drug Free America. -- Robin T. August 2008

Start a First Book campaign with this YouTube video Nerdfighters-- see the ALA I love libraries page for other videos promoting libraries, reading, IL etc. Students love a cause, so maybe a First Book Campaign would spark interest in more students reading their first book. Do podcasts of students talking about their "First Book." See examples on the First Book site. Robin T. August 2008

I might have older students read a story aloud as a podcast for younger students to use as a read along. Primary teachers could have the podcasts set up with headphones & their computer for one of their reading groups. I know that many teachers could use the additional resource to support HM. Of course, this is also a great way for the older students to work on fluency, voice and confidence! DeAnne R. July 2008

Students often fear reading aloud. They could use podcasts to practice or to present readings of poems, essays, excerpts from books. Groups could do poems in multiple voices. I see many ways to use them in the classroom or library. Suzanne M. July 2008
Podcasts are a great way for students to share information and offers a new style of delivering their project or report. I worked with third graders on an Elephant Podcast. The students researched elephants, wrote a rough draft and layout of the Podcast, created a script, and took digital photos. We then used Garage Band to create the Podcast, which was shared with the organization that adopted our beloved Maggie from the AK Zoo.
The 4th and 5th graders worked on Poetry Podcasts during National Poetry Month. We picked our favorite poems from books in the 811 section of the library, some students chose to use their own poem they wrote. We had an "open mic" session and they had a wonderful time performing their poem. They really enjoyed being the star of the show.~Susan K. July 2008

Podcasts of required reading books: I think it would be a great lesson to have students listen to their book on their ipod for one of their required reading texts. I think they would really like it and it would be an interesting way to accomplish the task of a required text. Jill G. July 2008

Instead of penpal letters (snail mail!) students could learn about students from other countries or states with podcasts. They could possibly cover a different topic every week or so such as favorite foods, activities that they enjoy, books that they are reading. It seems like a fun way to learn geography and other cultures. Audrey J. 2008

For the coming election have the students create podcasts about why people should vote for them for president. Before hand discuss different qualities that would make a good president and what would not make a good president. After students have a chance to look at everyone's podcasts have a mock election. Audrey J. July 2008

Have students do a group read and then podcast a discussion of the book instead of the dreary old book report. the students could follow a criteria to help keep the discussion going. I could see this in a High School English class or a literature class. Judy C. July 2008

I have been using podcasts for a couple of years with one particular class. The students' final projects are just fantastic. During April the teacher and I direct students to the poetry area of the library and read poems. Preparing for sea week (month), each student researches a mollusk. They write 2-3 poems about their critter. Using Garage Band we make a podcast. When all are finished, we have the parents in for a special viewing of the projects as we only post within district. CMak2009

As a journalism teacher I plan to have students create podcasts covering events around the school. For example, covering a basketball game, a field trip, students' thoughts on a school-related topic, etc... I have just purchased digital voice recorders which will allow students to conduct on the scene interviews which we can turn into a podcast. CSween 2010

Students often have to read a book of their choice, but of so many pages, and then write a book report. I teamed with the English teacher (10th grade) to have the students read their books, write 5 sentence summaries, then those who were willing, to create a podcast of their review which one could listen to on the library web page by clicking over the book cover that was posted there. Students could also do this with their favorite books, which they like to would recommend. Under Recommended Reading, the book title and author's name, when clicked on, gave a summary that included why the book was recommended. FAIbookworm 2010


Create a "virtual tour" video of your school library and post it online so that students, their parents, grandparents, etc. can view and know what the library looks like, how it is organized, activities that take place, etc. Linda M. August 2009

We have TechTalk class after school for teachers during the school year. These "classes" are very brief. Anyone can teach the class, usually the principal or the tech teachers. I would love to teach the staff about Teacher Tube during one of these Tech Talks. My idea would be to have several useful Teacher Tube Tutorials bookmarked on my del.icio.us account ahead of time. I would give a very brief demonstration of how to access these and then let the teachers/staff go from there. Several tutorials that I have seen that would be available are about Smart Boards, Pod Casts, & Voice Threads. Teachers would also then be able to set up Teacher Tube Tutorials on their bookmarks for their students. Of course, we all will preview for appropriate content ahead of time! DeAnne R. July 2008

I would love to have students create several small videos to be used during orientation. I am very tired of playing games to teach the rules, only to have them come in the next day and not remember a thing. They were interested in "winning" the game and didn't pay much attention to the content of what they were learning. Things could include how many books you check out, for how long, where to turn in the books when you are finished with them, a walk around the library. Maybe you could have kids come up with quick little poems or sayings about each section of the library.... put some fun music to it, do some fun little photo things and, voila! something kids would listen to... Wendy L July 2008

Create imovies or ads that illustrate ramifications/consequences of cyber bullying that can be shared with intermediate classrooms. We had a problem last year with this going on outside of school on my space pages. It really became a time suck for teacher and administration. This project would require reflection and possibly later peer influences to not participate. Leslie M. July 2008

I hope to get some time at staff meetings to show some short videos, like those of Lee LeFever, about Web 2.0 tools and their applications.
Robert M. July 2008

Voice Threadis a powerful, collaborative tool that would be useful for students in literature circles or Battle of the Books teams who could retell stories, illustrate text-only books, develop questions about their reading or share different perspectives. I like the fact that it's inexpensive, and the ed.voicethread portion offers teachers needed security and control. Laurie M. August 2009 Again, posted prior to when I joined!

Downloadable Audio
Downloadable audio books are great for multitaskers like myself who cannot sit and read a long book unless they are in a restricted environment (like an airplane). I enjoy listening to books on tape/cd from the library, but this is even more convienent, just download the book online! I can listen to a story while cleaning the house. I can also see how this would benefit students who have a difficult time reading. They can use the audio and follow along in their novel and make a connection between the written word and the audio sound. Mandy Y. 2008

WPL - This idea doesn't really belong here, but I couldn't find a better spot for it. WPL offers easy access to the classics for free downloads. Put direct links to books that have been assigned in language arts classes so that students can access them easily form home and have the option of reading at home without having the book in hand. http://worldpubliclibrary.org/ Wendy L 2008