RSS And Newsreaders:

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Professional Development: Subscribe to the RSS feeds from professional journals related to your level (e.g., Middle School Journal). Monitor and forward exceptional articles to your staff. When they ask how you always find such quality material, tell them all about setting up RSS feeds. Better yet... ask your administrator for 10-15 minutes at a staff meeting to introduce RSS to the teachers in your building! Staci C. July 2008

If teachers created a blog of what was happening in class along with classwork and homework, parents and students could sign up for the RSS feed of the blog to know what was happening in class. Heather F. July 2008

Student Usage: RSS feeds about a subject area being studied in class could be used to bring the subject more "alive," give greater detail than the textbook provide, present a different point of view or used to create thinking outside the box. Every other year I teach geography through stories and flags. I could broaden the learning of the country by bringing in RSS feeds about the country's people, natural resources, trials and tribulations as well as what the student would want to learn about the country. Leslie G, May 2009

Using cell phone RSS readers: Finding time to get to a computer and check the RSS reader and see what is happening in the world is sometimes difficult. People may find that adding an application to their Smartphone can help keep up with the RSS feeds. Being able to check from anywhere with wifi or cell service allows more opportunities. Here is an article that talks about some different RSS readers for the iPhone. Laurie T, Aug 2009