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Using tagging and Flickrstorm you can find pictures to have your students use without having to let them lose on flickr. Ann M. June 2008

Practice Tagging. Tags are clearly an essential part of Web 2.0, so let students practice their tagging schemes. Using photos or web sites (or both!) and allow students to work in groups to create appropriate tags. Give all groups the same material, and allow them to present their results. Compare similarities and differences. It would be a simple exercise and should remind students to give some thought to their tagging choices. Can they choose too many? Too few? Staci C. July 2008

Idea #1: Use these tools to locate blogs and other sites relating to election or other issue: For social studies we talk about current events and students share news paper articles or websites or news that they heard within a week. We could work in groups to help tags different blogs about events we are discussing for example elections. We also had a good discussion on earth day and how the world is going green. We could blog about what we did to help the environment. Every year my students and I pick up trash around the outside of the school and nearby neighborhood. We take pictures of what the surrounding area looks like before we clean up and after. This year my students were in a contest who could pick up the most cigarette butts. Kristen A July 2008

Create your own useful tags in LibraryThing to help with lesson plans. I created a "puppet" tag for my picture books and now I can just search "puppets" and I have a visual picture of the cover of the books that worked well with specific puppets. Sonja H. July 2008

A group of middle school librarians in ASD were talking at one time about creating a district website of subject links that supported the curriculum, it could be done much easier with Del.icio.us. Teachers could create their own accounts and they could be added to the libraries, teachers could also subscribe to the RSS feed and see updates to the page. Lots of potential for all of those bookmarked sites. Heather F. July 2008

Use del.icio.us to give students a starting point for specific subject research. Students and teachers often discover good sites at school, but forget them. If they use del.icio.us, they can keep track of the sites they find. Suzanne M. July 2008

Students can also use del.icio.us to keep track of sites for a bibliography by using tags. For instance they can tag a site history day project or Ms. S's anatomy project. When they get ready to create the bib, they can pull all the sites. Suzanne M. July 2008

Teachers could set up class del.icio.us sites and students could collaborate on finding sites. Heather F. July 2008

I could see libraries using social bookmarking sites (del.icio.us)to teach students about how to think of other terms (tags) to search for when researching. User comments could also be reviewed and talked about such just because the comment is there, doesn’t mean it is accurate. Libraries could also have their own accounts for sites that they want students to use and ones that are relevant to libraries. -Lydia H. July 2008

I think a group of librarians in a district could use Del.icio.us to track useful sites that support the curriculum and teacher requests for webquests. It would be useful to new library aides with no formal training to direct them to pages on various skills, e.g. Librarians Success.org or the OPAC used in the district. Laurie M. August 2009 Now I've joined, i hope it lists my name thanks, L